Friday, June 27, 2008


Last night was the CADD Wrap Party hosted by Sky Modern, Positive Space and Modern Luxury Dallas. The party was held at the Kessler Woods Development in Oak Cliff. CADD (Contemporary Art Dealers of Dallas) held an art fair several weeks ago and this was sort of a closing party for them. They were also celebrating the upcoming opening of the CADD Art Lab, not quite sure what that is but sounds interesting. Please excuse the quality of the images they are via camera phone.

Bumped into dear friend of the Foundation, Jason Sheeler who writes for The Dallas Morning News and FD Luxe. Styled as always in a double breasted suit jacket.

If you haven't visited The Kessler Woods project yet make it a point because there are some incredible homes. This house was great for an event such as this.

Chairs provided by Positive Space, sketches of clothing designs by Geoffrey Henning. There were two great models walking around sporting Geoffrey's designs but didn't manage to get a picture.
Mega art dealers Cris Worley of Pan American Projects, Christina Rees of Road Agent and Brian Gibb of The Public Trust.

Pleasant night time shot to end the evening.


Anonymous said...

whats cadd all about

Anonymous said...

Great blog.
go to to find out more about CADD
keep it up James.