Saturday, June 7, 2008


Can you believe its been 20 years since 16 young artists staged the now famous Freeze show in London's Surrey Docks.

An article came out in the Guardian newspaper, actually in their magazine called The Observer about the show. It interviews several of the artists and talks about their thoughts regarding the show and what they are doing now. Richard Patterson who was part of the Freeze exhibition and now lives in Dallas, Texas with his wife and gallery owner Christina Rees talks extensively about London at that time and what was going on. Richard also goes on to mention Dallas and The Goss-Michael Foundation !!

Please read the article,,2282729,00.html


Cross said...

Just read the Guardian article about Freeze.

On the Saatchi Gallery website, I chat with quite a few UK people, many of whom are artists, and now I can relate a little better to some of the artists they reference. I have noticed that just mentioning Hirst gets a strong reaction, sometimes negative. I suspect that is due to the local UK history some artists share with him, and not strictly about his art. But it is never just about the art, is it.

Anonymous said...

Has it really been 20 years !!
Love the blog keep it up :)