Wednesday, October 29, 2008

2 x 2 = FUN

Last week was lots of fun as it was the 2x2 for aids and art benefiting amFAR and the Dallas Museum of Art. This year was the 10 year special, held (as always) at The Rachofsky House.
Above is great picture of Jenny, Jessica, Chris Gonzalez and Nikki. You go Chris surrounding yourself with Beauty !!

Pilobolus getting tech with the shadows.

Nikki and Jenny....Bless

Howard and Cindy Rachofsky.

The Thursday night was the First Look preview, which was so much fun. The Polyphonic Spree played. They are the best band in Dallas hands down.

Nikki, Vinnie Deegan, James and Jessica having a good time.

Jessica and Chris Gonzalez.....Bless


Arts Magnet Style said...

James, you are killer in the double breasted jacket.

Anonymous said...

2x2 was so much fun. Great to see you guys there.

Anonymous said...

Girls of the Goss Michael Foundation look hot hot hot.

Anonymous said...

The Rachofsky's are the best thing in Dallas!!!

Anonymous said...

Goss crew looks fun
how can i get a job with you guys?