Thursday, October 23, 2008

FRIEZE (boombastic) PART 3

Rolling horse and cart London styley. This is original BLING

All the around Regents Park there were great installs. Marc Quinn and Harland Miller and some cool pieces.

Harland did this great crime scene piece.

At the fair

Smoking booths.

Great Sarah Lucas piece.


Anonymous said...

Frieze looks so fun.
Wish i was there with you guys.
Say hello to Kenny for me.

Anonymous said...

We love the blog and check it everyday. We want more posts :)

Anonymous said...

Great to see you in London Kenny. Have fun in Dallas for 2x2

Anonymous said...

Frieze was fun even though the market has crashed. Shame i didnt see you at the Lisson party. Maybe see you in Miami, Basel

Anonymous said...

Love the Sarah Lucas.
Cannot wait to come by to se the show!